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Users need to transfer data between devices almost every day. For example, a person may need to send files from a smartphone to a computer or move items accumulated in the memory of an old device to a new one. A few years ago, these processes took a long time and required the use of intermediaries in the form of additional gadgets or cables. Today, however, everything has fundamentally changed. For faster and more comfortable transfer of data between devices, specialists have developed software EasyShare Vivo. This program significantly simplifies the task for ordinary users and allows them to achieve the desired result in the shortest possible time without the use of additional means.

What is EasyShare?

Considering the most interesting features of their smartphone, every user is probably wondering: EasyShare on Vivo phone - what is it? Some people, even with considerable experience in using mobile gadgets, first learn about the existence of such an option several years after its appearance. So we propose to understand this question in more detail.

EasyShare - is a special application for Android-based gadgets that allows you to exchange files.

This utility is present on every Vivo smartphone. In addition, it is improved with almost every new operating system update. Using EasyShare features, the user can transfer photos, videos, important documents and some other files from one smartphone to another or from phone to computer.

Benefits of using Vivo Share

To better understand the features and actual usefulness of the app, consider EasyShare main advantages:

  • data transfer via Wi-Fi;
  • the ability to transport almost any item from the memory of the smartphone;
  • accelerated copy and move procedure;
  • sending files both to another smartphone and to a computer/laptop;
  • free access to the utility;
  • compatibility of the software with current versions of the Android OS.
Yegor Borisov
Yegor Borisov
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This list, of course, cannot be called exhaustive. However, the above listed nuances are enough to understand the usefulness of the application. In addition, it is quite possible that the functionality of EasyShare will be expanded over time, which will certainly please every experienced user and "new" owner of the Vivo gadget.

How to use EasyShare on your Vivo phone

How to use EasyShare on Vivo

EasyShare, a sophisticated yet easy-to-use program, allows you to link your smartphone directly to a computer or laptop, as well as to another smartphone. In both cases file transfer is allowed. Therefore, our authors present detailed instructions for each of the listed procedures.

A successful operation requires one Wi-Fi network, to which both devices involved in the data transfer must be connected.

Connecting your phone to a PC via EasyShare Web

First of all, let's look at the more complicated way - Connecting a smartphone to a computer and transferring items to the memory of the second. This option of communication between the phone and PC is considered the most convenient and fastest available.

EasyShare Web

Instructions for the procedure:

  1. Open the smartphone settings.
  2. Go to the "Other networks and connections" tab.
  3. Click "vivoshare" and activate the switch next to the item of the same name.
  4. Enable Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth on the phone and give the requested permissions.
  5. On the computer, go to by clicking to the official website and select English.
  6. Take your smartphone, select "Use" and scan the QR code on the PC screen.

Immediately after a successful code scanning The smartphone will sync with the PC/Laptop. Then the user is given the opportunity to manage files on the mobile gadget from the PC. In this case it is allowed to move or copy files from Vivo to the PC without any negative consequences.

To disconnect the connection between devices, simply deactivate the switch next to "vivoshare" in the smartphone settings.

Synchronization between smartphones

EasyShare Vivo

When buying a new phone, users think about transferring their old data to it. The items accumulated over a long time of using the gadget, you do not want to lose with the change of the device. Therefore, the manufacturer Vivo offers a safe way to transfer the necessary files almost instantly.

The sequence of actions for owners of two Vivo smartphones at the same time is as follows:

  1. In the old gadget menu, click on the icon with three horizontal bars in the top corner of the screen.
  2. Select "Phone Clone".
  3. Press "Old Phone".
  4. Pick up the new device and follow the same steps by selecting "New Phone" in the third step.
  5. Scan the QR code on the previous gadget.
  6. Wait for synchronization.
  7. Select the checkboxes of the data categories that you want to clone to the new smartphone.
  8. Click the blue button at the bottom of the screen.

After you have done this, the cloning procedure will start. Once it is completed, the transferred files will remain on both mobile devices.

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How do I download EasyShare to my computer?

The application can be downloaded to your computer from the official website EasyShare Vivo. And although on the gadgets of this manufacturer EasyShare is a built-in feature, in the case of transferring data to a PC, you must necessarily install it in advance.

Are all files transferable via EasyShare?
No. Encrypted and copyrighted items are not supported by this application.

EasyShare program is actively used by the vast majority of Vivo smartphone owners. With it it is really easy to move the necessary data to another device, saving personal time and nerves. Our experts have detailed instructions on the possible options for transporting files. Therefore, using them, you can be one hundred percent sure of a positive result.

Yegor Borisov

Technoblogger, author of several projects about smart devices. I write articles on how to properly configure Vivo phones and optimize the Funtouch OS shell for beginners.

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  1. Marat

    I can't transfer data from android to vivo, I downloaded the application and when I go to easyshare on android the "allow" is not highlighted, only the "do not accept" option is lit...

  2. Narina

    How to move photos and music in folders, rather than all in one place, as it is now?

  3. Alexander

    Аможно ли подключться к расшаренным на медиасервере папкам (SMB) с логином/паролем? А то ведь нет на нем возможности поставить приложение, показывающее QR-код… да и монитора у него нет.

  4. Эдгар

    У меня возникли проблемы с использованием программы, сначала все работало идеально, НО ПОТОМ начал постоянно выдавать ошибку «недостаточно свободного места» хотя места много (15 Гб) и уточняю у меня смартфон vivo Y12

  5. Aditya

    which version of easy share was preinstalled in vivo y95 when it came from factory in 2019

  6. Günter HAUZINGER

    HALLO EASY SHARE Team. Habe mit ihrem PROGRAMM fotos vom Handy auf meinem Laptop überspielt und kann sie nicht öffnen. Bitte um Hilfe, ich möchte sie mit der Endung jpg haben-
    Mfg Hauzinger Günter

  7. Eam

    what system integration do you use in creating a easyshare vivo app?