Infrared rays are blocked on Vivo phone

Infrared rays are blocked on Vivo phone Useful

Malfunctions that arise during the use of modern gadgets are panic-inducing for their owners. Even the smallest parts can malfunction or simply "remind themselves" at the most inopportune moment. For example, it is not uncommon for users to encounter the inscription "infrared rays are blocked" on their Vivo phone. What it means and how to solve the problem - let's consider in this article.

What is an infrared port on a smartphone?

IR sensor is a compact device that responds to background infrared radiation. In smartphones, this "part" is placed on the front panel to allow the sensor to respond to user finger movement.

The presence of an IR port in modern phones is considered one of the great advantages. This small addition was quite useful a few years ago. It was thanks to it the owners of push-button mobile devices were able to share images, music and other files. Today, however, the infrared port has a slightly different purpose. It is not necessary to use it for data transfer, because there are new ways of doing it. And the functionality of this port has been well developed and expanded by the developers.

Today, infrared beams in Vivo smartphones provide the maximum comfort for the user. They allow remote control digital and home appliances in the house. All you need to do is install the appropriate app on your gadget and use it as a universal remote control.

Previously, there were also infrared proximity sensors with a reddish bulb, but over time, manufacturers began to use improved technology instead.

How infrared rays are blocked

What is an infrared port on a smartphone?

In most cases, the message about beam blocking appears on the screen when the sensor overlaps protective glass with color frame. The beams recognize it as an obstacle, so they lose the ability to fully function and notify the user.

Among other things, the cause of blocking the infrared port can be a failure in the settings of the gadget. This happens very rarely, and the options for fixing the problem in such a situation are standard. We will talk about them below.

Problem Solution

When the message "infrared rays are blocked" appears on the screen of a Vivo smartphone, the question of what to do arises by itself. Since there are not many reasons for this problem, the options for fixing it are simple and clear to everyone.

First of all, it is recommended to inspect the area where the sensors are located. If they really are overlapping film or contamination on the surface - all this needs to be eliminated.

The film does not need to be removed completely, as it can be cut a little at the service center or simply buy a version of the protection of another form, whose edges will not overlap the sensors.

If the problem is not the existing "obstacles", you should perform the familiar actions. Reboot the smartphone, update the system to the latest version or factory reset - These ways give you a pretty good chance to solve the problem without the help of a handyman.

Sometimes it happens that none of the above-mentioned ways gave the desired result. In this case, it is advisable to contact the service center. It is possible that the cause is mechanical damage, but it is not recommended to find this out on your own.


How do I calibrate the infrared sensor?
The user does not need to do it himself. All gadget sensors are calibrated automatically.
Is it realistic to disable the infrared port?
No. All sensors are enabled by default and cannot be changed.

The message "infrared rays blocked" when you turn on your Vivo smartphone does not inspire much fear. However, this does not mean that the problem does not need to be fixed. Like any malfunction, this situation can prevent the functioning of the mobile device in normal mode. Therefore, it is best to take measures to solve the problem yourself as soon as possible. In this will certainly help tips from our article.

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