Charging your Vivo phone properly

Charging your Vivo phone properly Useful

The smartphone battery is a consumable, which sooner or later fails. It has its own service life, but some users, as a rule, due to ignorance, reduce it. The procedure to replenish the charge of the mobile gadget is as simple as possible, but even it should be taken seriously. Experts strongly recommend performing the correct charging of the Vivo phone, so that in the future not to spend money on replacing the battery alone or the entire device. We will talk about this process in detail in the article.

Which models support fast charging?

In the accelerated pace of life, it is difficult for users to leave their smartphone for at least a couple of hours to replenish its charge. That's why today's manufacturers, including Vivo, include fast charging in their products.

At the moment, this feature is available in many phones of this brand. It is supported by the smartphone series:

In Vivo devices fast charging, oddly enough, works at the highest level. The manufacturer has really taken good care of user convenience by adding the necessary option to the new smartphone models.

To date, Vivo has already announced the Super FlashCharge 120W technology, which will charge a 4000 mAh battery to 100% in just 13 minutes. The first smartphone that supports this technology is planned to be presented in August 2021.

How to charge your Vivo smartphone correctly

The most important question, how to charge Vivo, does not make the experts think long about the answer. This procedure is extremely simple. Even children can cope with it, because only three elements are involved in the process: the smartphone, the charging cable and the power source.

First charge

How to charge your Vivo smartphone correctly

After purchasing a new device, you should not be in a hurry to plug it in. As a rule, phones are sold in stores charged to at least 50%. Therefore, it is better to send the gadget for charging after reaching 10-12% charge battery.

The sequence of steps for charging your phone is as follows:

  1. Connect the cable to the charging unit.
  2. Connect the Micro USB end to the appropriate connector on the device.
  3. Plug the charger plug into an outlet.
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The same actions should be performed for subsequent charging of the mobile gadget. And before connecting it is recommended to check the integrity of the wire and the unit, as in case of significant damage the procedure will not be carried out.

Stages of the process

Recharge your smartphone in several stages:

  1. Before the 80% is reached, the gadget is under a very high charge of electric current, which makes the charging rate very high.
  2. From 80% to 90%, the smartphone is under constant current charge.
  3. When the bar in the 90% is reached, drip charging is activated, at which the speed decreases.

The total duration of the process is several hours. In this case the capacity of the battery, its condition, as well as the serviceability of the charger itself together with the cable play a role.

Frequency of the procedure

You should put your smartphone on charge as soon as you receive Low battery notifications. On Vivo devices, they come in at 20% and 10% (in the NEX series, 15% and 10%). You can connect the phone to the network at least every day, but doing it too often degrades the battery performance.

Tips for charging your Android phone

Vivo how to increase battery life

At first glance, the procedure for charging a smartphone is not difficult. It consists of only a few steps and does not last very long. But there are some important tips for this process as well. Following them will allow you to extend the life of the battery and even reduce the duration of the charge.

Use while charging

The smartphone should not be used while it is plugged in and charging. Even simple texting slows down the process, not to mention gaming. Therefore, it is better to stay away from your mobile device for the duration of the charging process and just wait for it to finish.

Battery charge level

The best time to charge your phone is when it reaches 20% charge of the battery. If this limit is exceeded and the device is operated for several hours with a gradual decrease in percentage, this will only have a negative effect on the condition of the battery.

Duration of procedure

Users often allow their gadget to overcharge, which is strictly forbidden. Although Vivo's products are designed to protect against adverse consequences in such cases, it is best to unplug the phone immediately when it reaches 100% charge.

Charger in use

For the charging procedure it is recommended to use only Original charger and USB cable. They are present in the package with the smartphone itself, and if necessary, these elements can be easily purchased in specialized stores.

Charge replenishment location

The smartphone, like any other device, is capable of heating up. This condition also affects the battery, slowing it down. It is for this reason that it is best to charge your gadget in a well-ventilated area. A table or a window sill is good for this.

Ways to save battery power

Vivo which models have fast charging

Just a few years ago, people could afford to charge their mobile device no more than once every two or three days and use all its functions with ease. Today, it is hard to imagine life without constantly searching for outlets and carrying Power Banks in their pockets. Today's smartphones run out of power pretty quickly, even if the user is just flipping through a social networking feed, not to mention more serious options.

That's why people are increasingly trying to save battery consumption so that they don't have to waste time replenishing it. In fact, it is quite possible to do this - you just need to know a few important nuances. We will consider them below.

Power Saving Mode

When your smartphone reaches the 15% mark and you need to use it for a few more hours, just Activate power saving mode. It automatically turns off notifications from messengers while they are closed. This mode does not affect the basic functions of the phone in any way, but it does add extra hours of "life".

Disabling app auto-update

When installing any new application, it is worth setting its automatic updates. This means that the software will independently check for updates and install them when connected to the Internet. This procedure also consumes battery power, so disabling this option will help you save money.

You can disable auto-update through the official Play Market app store ("Settings"-"Auto-update apps").

Screen Settings

Brightness and long screen life after using the smartphone wastes battery power even faster. Since users often forget to press the lock button after reading an article or playing a game, the display continues to glow and consume power.

In order not to get used to constantly reaching for the right key, it is enough just to set the screen auto-off. This is done through the phone settings in the item "Screen and brightness". The user should set the time interval after which the display will turn off itself in case of inactivity. In the same item is recommended to change the brightness - its level should be as low as possible, but enough for a comfortable visual perception.

Smartphone features

Options such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and mobile Internet are not used by users very often, but have a strong impact on battery health. It is best to turn them off when they are not needed. In addition, it is not difficult to do, because all the necessary icons are located in the Quick Access Toolbar and can be turned on/off with a single tap.

Battery capacity

The most important advice that experts give - when choosing a smartphone, you should pay attention to the capacity of its battery. The higher it is, the longer the device will work without recharging and will not require performing the above actions. This is especially true for people who can not live a minute without games and social networking.

As of today, the battery with the largest capacity (5000 mAh) are equipped with the following Vivo models:

  • Y11;
  • Y12;
  • Y19;
  • Y20;
  • Y30.

The list is not exhaustive, but these models are at the top of the rankings at the moment.


How do I turn the fast charging feature on or off?
It is not possible to do this through the usual settings, as in the case of other smartphones. In this case, you will have to change the charger itself. So, if you need to replenish the charge quickly, you should use the charger included with the gadget. And if you want to charge your smartphone in the normal mode, you should take a unit from another phone, which does not have a fast charging function.
How do I turn on the charging animation?
To do this, in the settings of the smartphone you need to find "Dynamic Effects". There the user can select one of the offered animated rings.
Which Vivo phones support wireless charging?
At the moment there is no wireless charging in Vivo. But the manufacturer does not stand still and progresses with each new product. So it is quite possible that in the near future the answer to the question of whether Vivo supports wireless charging will be positive.
How do I charge my smartphone?
In addition to the usual outlet, Vivo phones are allowed to charge from a PC or Power bank.

There is nothing complicated or supernatural about properly charging a Vivo smartphone. The standard procedure is known to every modern user, because it is not even different from replenishing the charge on pushbutton mobile devices. But even in this case, it will not be superfluous to know a few tips on charging and saving battery percentage. Following the rules from our article, the battery life will be able not only to save, but also to increase, because there will simply be no reason for it to fail.

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    Hello. I am new to using VIVO. Recently (at the end of April) I just bought a VIVO Y31. Immediately became a question of studying and setting up. I read some of your articles, thank you very much, all available and understandable. If you decide to write about the photo and video shooting, I would love to read it. Thanks in advance.

    1. Yegor Borisov author

      Thanks for the nice review! It will be difficult to write an article on taking pictures, because different models have different settings. Perhaps there will be a general instruction.

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    Обновлять, чистить кэш/данные, переустанавливать не помогает. Мозилла пользуюсь давно и никогда такого не было на других марках. Вот такая ерунда.

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