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Vivo phone acceleration Useful

A slow smartphone is not something any user is happy about. Whether it is a relatively new or already outdated device, it can begin to slow down suddenly. In such a situation, ignorant users panic and run to the store for a new gadget. However, to save money and time, experts recommend first of all to try to accelerate the phone Vivo. It is done not in a particularly large number of ways, but the effect is amazing. In more detail we will talk about it in the article.

Why is the gadget slow?

The most common cause of smartphone braking is memory overflow. This problem occurs both on new devices and on devices that have been in use for a long time. Because of this, the gadget begins to work less efficiently. For example, applications can take a long time to open or drop out, during games the so-called "lags" can appear, etc. In this case, it is necessary to optimize your Vivo. In this case, you will definitely need to optimize your Vivo, which will have an effective effect on the performance of your mobile device.

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Optimizing your smartphone and shell doesn't take much time. But for the fastest results, I recommend using the Ccleaner app right away.

Another cause of smartphone braking is the constant updates with adding new features to the operating system and individual applications. This makes it difficult for the processor, in particular if the gadget is already old. And because the system has difficulty coping with its functions, it does so at a slower pace.

How to properly speed up your Vivo phone

It is not as easy to determine the exact cause of the hang-up gadget as it may seem at first glance. However, the methods of acceleration are universal, and are quite suitable for any smartphone, regardless of the provocateur of the unpleasant situation. We will consider them below.

The iManager app

How to speed up your Vivo phone

Particular attention should be paid to the standard utility iManager. It is present on all smartphones with Funtouch OS and hasn't lost its relevance for several years. There are a lot of features for full-fledged Vivo configuration, including the acceleration of the device performance.

You can find the iManager in the regular menus on the phone. After opening the application, the user will see four main buttons:

  1. "Clearing the Place.
  2. "Detecting Security Problems."
  3. "Data Transmission Tracking."
  4. "Application Manager.

In order to speed things up, you will only need to go to the first section. Immediately after clicking the appropriate button, the system will automatically start to monitor the data in memory and search for unnecessary files. When the procedure is completed, a list of items from the cache appears on the screen, which can be safely deleted. In addition, the program automatically prompts the user to delete some files that are rarely used or simply are not useful.

Thus, with the help of iManager you will be able to free up the memory of your gadget and at the same time speed up its work.

Other ways to optimize

There are situations when your smartphone has enough memory, but it still slows down while performing some operations. In such cases, it is advisable to try other acceleration options. These include:

  1. Full phone reset (it is recommended to back up the necessary data beforehand).
  2. Discharge the mobile gadget to the automatic shutdown, and then put it on charge and turn it on (this method helps in most cases with older versions of smartphones).
  3. Reflashing the device (it is best to install the official version of the firmware).
  4. Uninstall applications that are not in use independently.
  5. Move photos, videos, and other files to the memory card (if the gadget supports MicroSD).

The above methods do not provide a one hundred percent guarantee of speeding up the device's performance. However, you should definitely try them before you send your smartphone for repair or buy a new one. In addition, it is allowed to use them regardless of the duration of operation of the gadget.


Smartphone acceleration, oddly enough, is provided even in the set of basic functions of the Vivo device. It really makes it possible to forget about the braking of the gadget, allowing its owner to use all available options with pleasure.

Yegor Borisov

Technoblogger, author of several projects about smart devices. I write articles on how to properly configure Vivo phones and optimize the Funtouch OS shell for beginners.

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  1. Alexander

    this brand of phone is useless. it stalls even when you open watsapap.I will never buy it again.none of your methods work.the company is a misunderstanding and so are its products

  2. Slavik

    My phone freezes when I play games or do something what to do with the screen turned off for 5 minutes
    And it doesn't respond to anything.
    What could it be related to
    Model : vivo y31

  3. Roma Kotegov

    Hello Egor Borisov, I recently upgraded my smartphone Vivo Y20 from the 10th android to the 12th. And the gadget became slow, the corners became large because of the extra black color and the image quality in games deteriorated. When there was 10th android, the smartphone worked smoothly and generally everything was satisfactory.
    Tell me what to do in this situation?

  4. Макс

    Здравствуйте, вы не знаете как очистить оперативную память