About the project

Vivo is the leading smartphone manufacturer worldwide. On the Russian market and in the CIS countries, its products are just beginning to appear, but users have already managed to appreciate the functionality of modern gadgets. Advanced phones attract the attention of young people, allowing them to get to know the world of innovation closer.

Today, more than 200 million people are actively using Vivo smartphones.

The company exists since 2009. Its assortment is regularly replenished with quality and useful products. This is what has contributed to Vivo's role the main sponsor of the FIFA World Cup in 2018, which was held in Russia.

The brand offers several lines of smartphones. They do not boast a low cost like Xiaomi, but they can compete with more expensive products from Samsung and even Apple.

Branded shell Funtouch OS - an exquisite addition on all Vivo devices. With it, users can enjoy a concise design, user-friendly and intuitive controls, and advanced functionality.

The importance of VivoHelp.com

Vivo smartphones don't run on regular Android - they have their own shell. That's why some users find it difficult to connect the phone to a PC or TV, reset the settings or share the Internet.

The site provides step-by-step instructions for using smartphones running the Funtouch OS. They have been tested on our own experience and do not cause unnecessary questions.

The creators of the project always comply with the basic principles of work:

  1. Needed and verified information. We do not skip publishing instructions that we are not sure are correct for all 100%. In addition, all the information answers the user's question in full, without littering the pages with meaningless content.
  2. Minimum of advertising inserts. It is impossible to find advertising banners or PUSH-notifications interfering with pageviews on the site. We only use legal advertising formats. They do not attract the reader's attention unnecessarily and do not cause a desire to leave the resource as soon as possible.
  3. Unique screenshots. Before publishing the instructions, the author makes sure to test them on his own smartphone, taking original screenshots at the same time. They help the user to better understand some points, because it is enough to perform actions similar to the unique images to achieve results.

Any user can check compliance with these principles. To do so, open any article and verify our honesty.

The instructions on the site are updated regularly. In addition, if the reader has any questions, they can be asked in the comments - they are open under each article.

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