Comparison of Vivo and Realme: which is better?

Comparison of Vivo and Realme: which is better? Useful

The smartphone market develops rapidly every year. New manufacturers are forcing consumers to understand the developments faster in order to understand what functionality users need. Chinese brands of mobile devices have enjoyed tremendous success for several years. Having displaced the Indian companies from the first positions of ratings, the Chinese took about 60% of the total market share. And the most popular among them got brands Vivo and Realmi. They are competing with each other from the very first days of their existence. Each manufacturer thinks through their products, making them as convenient and user-friendly as possible. Therefore, gadgets with their logos can be found on store shelves more often than others. In this regard, consumers ask a logical question: what is better - Vivo or Realme? And we will try to answer it in the article.

Vivo Brand

A global high-tech company called Vivo is hiding its founding date. Supposedly, it started its operations in 2009. However, no one has yet been able to confirm or deny this fact.

Vivo is a subsidiary of BBK. Today it develops stylish and functional devices, as well as accessories for them, quality software and online services.

Advantages and disadvantages

Vivo has rightfully acquired the title of one of the fastest-growing brands. It has its pluses and minuses, about which it is definitely not worth keeping silent.


  • The company's activities are focused on the development of advanced technologies (including 5G, photography, artificial intelligence);
  • Vivo's management and production processes meet international quality standards;
  • The brand is a partner of the NBA and the IPL;
  • variety of product lines.


  • not the highest level of popularity in the Russian Federation;
  • Overpriced compared to competitive smartphones with similar characteristics, but from other manufacturers.

Realme Company

Chinese company Realme is also part of the BBK holding company. Unlike the independent Vivo brand, Realme is a division of Oppo.

The manufacturer officially launched its operations May 4, 2018 - on National Youth Day in China. Its founder is Sky Li.

A significant difference from Vivo is Realme's expanded product range. In addition to smartphones, it includes: tablets, smart watches, headphones, and a smart home system.

The positives and negatives

Realme proved its worth in the Indian market and subsequently expanded beyond it with considerable success. Numerous benefits contributed to this, as even the popular source says Eoto Tech.


  • low cost of products with high characteristics;
  • a minimal amount of advertising in the applications;
  • high performance even for budget gadgets;
  • The original design of the body of the devices (in this case using the work of Oppo).


  • Only mid-range and flagship smartphones can boast high-quality photo capabilities;
  • Using an obsolete connector Micro USB.

Gadget shells

The BBK holding company's smartphones also attract customers with the presence of a proprietary shell. It allows the gadgets to work faster than on bare Android. But it is worth taking into account that the shells are individual developments of specialists, and therefore in products of different brands can differ significantly. Let's consider the software of Vivo and Realme phones in more detail.

Funtouch OS

Vivo smartphones have been based on a proprietary shell since the launch of Funtouch OS. It is characterized by the following features:

  • a large selection of widgets for the home screen;
  • Nano music player;
  • customizable albums in the gallery;
  • A sufficient number of "assistants" for athletes (fluid intake tracking, reminders, etc.);
  • smooth operation due to RAM expansion.

Realme UI

Initially, Realme smartphones were based on a proprietary shell Oppo - Color OS. However, in 2020, the company developed its own shell Realme UI and started releasing gadgets only with it. Differences between the software Although it cannot be called significant, experienced users have clearly noticed an improvement.

Realme UI also has a lot of interesting nuances:

  • customizing the interface (changing the appearance of icons);
  • a number of themes for page design;
  • A complete set of Realme branded ringtones;
  • concentration mode;
  • elaborate game mode;
  • security when connecting to Wi-Fi.

Vivo vs Realme: achievements of the companies

Speaking about the excellence of Vivo or Realme, it is worth dwelling on the real achievements of the brands. They both exist not for the first year, and in order to maintain their status they try not to lower the bar. Therefore, for all the time of their activity, the specialists have managed to achieve a lot of successes, for which today they should certainly be praised.

Key achievements of Vivo over the years:

  • 2012 - the thinnest smartphone model in the world at the time of release (Vivo X1), the first gadget with a Hi-Fi chip;

The record-breaking smartphone with a separate audio chip was even reported by a foreign publication Engadget.

  • 2013 - 2K screen resolution, presentation of the proprietary Funtouch OS shell;
  • 2014 - smartphone with a record thickness of 4.75 mm, optical stabilization in the camera;
  • 2015 - A fast-acting fingerprint scanner;
  • 2016 - the world's first smartphone with a 20 megapixel selfie camera, a curved screen on the sides, increased RAM;
  • 2017 - The use of HD technology in the creation of the display, a 24 megapixel selfie camera;
  • 2018 - the world's first in-display fingerprint scanner;
  • 2019 - Triple Al-camera for 64 megapixels, fingerprint scanner on the whole area of the screen;
  • 2020 - design 120° FullView Edgeless Display, the world's first continuous optical zoom of 5-7.5x.

For which the developers of Realme deserve attention:

  • 2018 - Full HD screen resolution, fingerprint unlocking and face recognition;
  • 2019 - The drop-shaped notch on the display, the 4,230 mAh battery, which attracts users;
  • 2020 - The transition to its own Realme UI shell, the first smartphone in the company's range with a gaming processor;
  • 2021 - Using the current octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G chipset.

Each of these achievements promoted the companies. It was through this that the brands reached new levels and expanded their sales reach far beyond China and India.

Sales regions and pricing policy

When choosing which phone to choose, it is advisable to consider the peculiarities of the sale of gadgets. The price policy and the regions of sale are of great importance.

Vivo has quickly made a name for itself as a major player in the mobile gadget industry. It was able to move into the markets of more than a hundred countries around the world. And today, its offices are successfully operating in France, Poland, Germany, Great Britain, and Spain.

Remarkably, in the first quarter of 2015, the brand entered the top ten manufacturers, taking 2.7% of the global market.

Vivo developers strive to promote their products in the Russian Federation, gaining popularity every day. The bestsellers in most cases are models of the mid-price segment. They represent the optimal ratio of cost and a set of features.

Realme managed to achieve great success in Russia, unlike its direct competitor. So, at the end of 2021 it entered TOP-4 in RF and TOP-6 in the world in smartphone sales. In this case, the most popular devices are considered to be representatives of C-series (price segment up to 16 thousand rubles), as well as "number" series (about 30 thousand rubles).

The geography of Realme is constantly expanding. Today the company presents its products in China, India, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Europe.

There is no point in talking about the companies' achievements in 2022, because they still have enough time to surprise the world with unexpected discoveries. To date, both brands have managed to prove themselves on the positive side, which allows them to compete with each other with varying success. It is simply impossible to give a clear answer to the question of which smartphone is better - Realme or Vivo. Each company has its pros and cons. And each manufacturer is striving to reach new heights, keeping up with global progress. Therefore, we only have to watch the progress of the developers, comparing specific models of gadgets, not their creators. Only in this case it will be possible to choose the best device for yourself to use it with maximum pleasure.

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