Setting up NFC on your Vivo phone

Setting up NFC on your Vivo phone Useful

Paying for purchases is a simple action that everyone has to perform several times a day. With the development of high technology, users are beginning to forget about paper money, paying with cards, because thanks to this method it is not necessary to look for the necessary change and wait a long time for change from the seller. But even this option gradually gets boring, because plastic cards must be constantly carried with you and pulled out of a remote pocket at the right moments.

Therefore, people are trying to make their lives even easier by paying for purchases through their mobile gadgets. In this article we will discuss an interesting topic for many people: setting up NFC on the Vivo phone. It will be useful for absolutely all users, as this feature is being introduced in new smartphones more and more often.

Why NFC is needed

Vivo smartphones with NFS do offer users a lot of new possibilities. Near Field Communication is a modern technology for contactless payment for various goods and services. It has some similarity to the already familiar Bluetooth, but the essential difference in this case is the NFC work only at a short distance from the object. This, of course, cannot be called an advantage of the development, although it is quite convenient to use such a function.

So, what can be done with the NFS:

  • to pay for public transportation;
  • to pay for the goods in the supermarket;
  • transfer data between devices.

To perform any of these operations, you only need to attach your smartphone to the terminal.

Types of external modules

Setting up NFC on your Vivo phone

NFC on Vivo is not always present. But almost everyone wants to use this function. And there is a solution to this problem.

Available today are external NFS modules. They are presented in different forms, but any variant performs its task fully and without criticism from the user. To date, these elements exist in the following forms:

  1. SIM cards. The most affordable and easy-to-use option has only one significant disadvantage. It is the lack of identification of the owner, which reduces the level of security.
  2. Tags. The compact circular discs are attached to the body of the device and are easy to set up. As for the disadvantages, only the need to purchase separate tags for each option of the gadget is noted here.
  3. Antennas. Simple designs are mounted under the housing (half of the antenna is on the surface), due to which they are more reliably held. They provide a complete package of options and do not require additional settings. Of the negative aspects it is worth noting only the high power consumption of the device.
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Yegor Borisov
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Each of these options is suitable for contactless payments. They differ from each other only in the way they are installed, because the user's convenience depends on it.

Disadvantages of the option

Before answering the main question of how to enable NFC on Vivo, it is necessary to consider the disadvantages of this module. Taking them into account, the user will be easier to decide whether it is necessary to look for a smartphone with this function.

Fortunately, the NFS has far fewer negative qualities than positive ones. Thus, the disadvantages include:

  • limitation on the number of linked cards;
  • The possibility of contactless payment is not found in all stores/establishments.

How to enable and configure NFC on your Vivo phone

How to enable NFC on your Vivo phone

Speaking about how to set up NFC on Vivo phone, it is important to note that there are no difficulties in this case. The user has to perform a few simple actions, and payment for goods and services through the mobile gadget will be available at any time.

To enable NFC, do the following:

  1. Go to the smartphone settings.
  2. Open advanced settings.
  3. Click on "NFC".

The next step is to install a special application on your phone, to which you will later be able to link bank cards for purchases. After the implementation of all the actions described above, the owner of the mobile gadget can safely use the option for their personal purposes.

The best app for contactless payment is Google Pay on Vivo.

Linking a bank card to Google Pay

One of the main users' questions: how to link Vivo card to pay for purchases via smartphone? The answer is simple. First of all you need to install the payment system on the phone. We recommend using GPay. The next step is to link the card, specifying all the data:

  • authenticity code;
  • information about the owner;
  • the place of the owner's registration;
  • phone number.

How to use contactless payment in your smartphone

After activating the function and linking the bank card, many users have a logical question: how to pay with the Vivo phone in the future? In fact, everything is as simple as possible.

In the settings of the selected application to activate the NFS, you must check the box next to "One-touch payment"and select the default payment method. It is also recommended to allow the program to start automatically when you turn on your smartphone. Then you only need to enable the option through the usual notification curtain and put the smartphone with the right side to the terminal.


How do I know if my smartphone supports NFC?
Although some users do not know whether their Vivo phone has the NFC option, it is not difficult to check it. You can find out the information through the smartphone settings. It is enough just to open them, go to the tab "Advanced" ("More") and find the item NFC. If it is present, then the contactless payment module in the device is also present.
Where is the NSF sensor located?
The chip is located on the back of the smartphone. As a rule, manufacturers insert it in the space between the camera and the SIM card slot.
Which banks work with Google Pay?
Today this payment system successfully cooperates with popular banks, for example: VTB, Sber, Alfa-Bank, etc. Therefore, the official application from the developer can safely connect to this system and use your smartphone for contactless payment.
What is Android Beam?
Android Beam is a separate smartphone option that enables the NFC module for data transfer. It is provided in absolutely all mobile devices with contactless payment capability. This function must be turned on at the same time as NFC.

The contactless payment function is a delight for users because it really makes their lives easier. It is not difficult to find the NFC module on your device, although today there are not many models with such an option on sale. And setting up the chip does not take much time, because it consists of the simplest steps, which do not require special skills.

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