Comparison of Vivo and Samsung: which is better?

Comparison of Vivo and Samsung: which is better? Useful

The smartphone market is the main site of the so-called technological confrontation between manufacturers of mobile gadgets. The current manufacturers put on sale products of different quality and with certain characteristics that are not to everyone's liking. Today phones by manufacturers Vivo and Samsung are considered relevant. In some markets, they are considered the best-selling, while in others they are perceived as "consumer goods. And in order to determine the leader in our territory, it is necessary to make some kind of comparison between Vivo and Samsung. General information about the brands, as well as an overview of the unique "features" of their products will help.

Vivo Brand

Chinese company appeared on the market of IT-attributes presumably in 2009. From the earliest days of their activities, specialists sought to produce high-quality and useful products. Due to this brand Vivo has successfully promoted in the Indian market, as well as in the countries of Southeast Asia.

In 2017, Vivo began supplying its products to the Russian Federation.

Vivo currently has four plants. They are located in India, China and Indonesia.

Pros and cons

Vivo's products are fully compliant with the necessary standards. Each gadget is thoroughly tested by specialists before it is sent for sale. To do this, the devices undergo multi-stage testing, which allows you to keep a quality brand for several years. However, the brand still has not only positive sides, but also negative sides. Let's find out more about them.


  • gadgets are assembled by classified specialists;
  • parts of improved quality;
  • the use of the latest technology in the creation of products;
  • the presence of AI (artificial intelligence).


  • overpriced.

Smartphone lines

Vivo produces exceptionally high quality and upgraded devices. Its products are simple and easy to use, but the gadgets have a lot of special features.

The following lines of smartphones are produced under the Vivo brand:

  1. NEX - flagships with top features containing current innovative solutions.
  2. iQOO - a relatively new brand within Vivo (sub-brand), representing smartphones for gamers.
  3. Y - affordable gadgets with an expensive design and a good set of features.
  4. V - Massive flagship with awesome photo capabilities (excellent contrast and color balance).

Samsung Manufacturer

Samsung is considered a major competitor for many manufacturers. It successfully competes not only with Vivo, but also with Realme and even Apple.

The brand was founded in 1938. However, at that time, the company's specialty was not gadgets at all. Then the company became famous for such products as noodles and dried seafood.

Over the years, the company failed several times, changing its field of activity. Eventually the founders decided to present Samsung Electronics to the world. This happened in 1969, but the "fruits" are still bearing fruit to this day. Now the brand creates demand for consumer electronics under its own logo. It fell in love with the audience of millions, which is why it deservedly became the leading manufacturer in the electronics market in the period from 1990 to 2000.

Pros and cons

In the Vivo VS Samsung standoff, the advantages and disadvantages of each brand are just as important. Samsung, like the previous manufacturer, tries to please consumers in everything. In its range there is a sufficient number of affordable devices, directly causing a desire to spend money on them. However, specific pros and cons are still worth taking into account.


  • ergonomic design;
  • stable operation of the software;
  • high resolution smartphone screens;
  • accurate color reproduction;
  • service centers around the world.


  • increase in the cost of products at the expense of the brand name.

Smartphone lines

When considering Samsung Galaxy or Vivo as a potential gadget for a regular user, it is also worth familiarizing yourself with the available range. We have already reviewed the Vivo line above, and now it is the turn of the second brand.

Samsung offers consumers several lines of mobile devices for sale. Each of them has individual features and is aimed at a particular audience.

Thus, the list of Samsung product lines includes:

  1. Galaxy M - models of the budget and medium price category are characterized by high autonomy.
  2. Galaxy A - smartphones with quality cameras and clear displays.
  3. Galaxy S - flagships produced annually, equipped with modern components (up-to-date displays, processors, cameras, etc.).
  4. Galaxy Note - flagships with large screens and support for branded styli.
  5. Galaxy Z - premium smartphones with foldable screens, designed mostly for work, gaming and watching videos.

Device shells

A smartphone shell refers to a special application that gives the user more features. The shell is put on top of the Android OS and is developed by the specialists of the company, under whose logo the gadget is produced.

To date, both companies under consideration have presented their proprietary shells to the world. Let's look at them in more detail.

Vivo devices successfully perform their tasks thanks to the shell Funtouch OS. It was present on the very first smartphone of this brand, and it hasn't been lost until now. The software is regularly updated - specialists make huge changes, which all users like. So, to date, the Vivo shell is increasingly reminiscent of the software "Apple" iOS in appearance. In addition, it provides features:

  • Increasing the amount of RAM at the expense of the built-in memory;
  • comfortable listening to music;
  • Using customizable photo albums;
  • to look after your own health.

Samsung gadgets got a convenient interface in the form of a shell One UI only in 2018. Earlier versions of the phones were running on "naked" Android. But today the situation has fundamentally changed. Users feel much more comfortable using their mobile assistant. А This is achieved by:

  • of a variety of icon packs;
  • The ability to customize individual interface elements;
  • multitasking menu;
  • gesture and voice control;
  • One-handed operation due to the correct positioning of the icons.

Gadget retail locations

One of the main differences between manufacturers, oddly enough, is the place where their products are sold. So, Vivo brand is not as widespread in Russia as Samsung. In this regard, the smartphones of the first company most often caught in online stores and are purchased there as well. This is due to a skeptical attitude towards the manufacturer. As for Samsung, its products are actively purchased both in physical stores and online.

Pricing policy

When comparing smartphone manufacturers, it is definitely worth stopping at the pricing policy of both companies. Of course, the cost of specific products differs from store to store. However, Vivo and Samsung offer customers their gadgets in different price categories.

Fans of Vivo devices can count on an assortment of products within the amount of From 8 thousand rubles to 50 thousand rubles. Those wishing to splurge on a Samsung phone should prepare to spend From 6 thousand rubles to 150 thousand rubles.

The prices indicated are relative. The exact limits of the minimum and maximum cost of the gadgets can never be specified. Price tags change literally every day, and not all users manage to keep up with them. However, even at the approximate cost indicated above, it is possible to conclude which manufacturer offers the most favorable products.

As you can see from the manufacturers' descriptions, it is quite difficult to determine which is better, Vivo or Samsung. The brands are practically on a par, overtaking each other only in minor details. Therefore, it is up to each user to select the best option for himself. The most important thing to remember is that specific smartphone models of different brands can be as similar to each other in terms of capabilities. Therefore, in some cases, it is necessary to focus not on the manufacturer itself, but on its products.

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