Safe mode on your Vivo phone

Safe mode on your Vivo phone FAQ

Malfunctions of Vivo smartphones are common. Developers are trying to improve their products with each new model, but they still have not managed to reach perfection. Users encounter problems regularly, losing the ability to fully exploit their mobile device. Although at first glance it seems like a serious problem, there is still no reason to give up using the gadgets.

The smartphone may not work normally due to minor bugs, which are quite realistic to detect using the safe mode. Since Android is considered a flexible and free operating system, it can be changed beyond recognition by manual editing. In this case, even the proprietary FuntouchOS shell will not be an obstacle. To control the work of your gadget and manually change the settings to improve it, each user can go to the safe mode on the phone Vivo. We will talk about it in more detail in the article.

What is Safe Mode on Android?

Safe Mode, or Safe Mode - is a separate mode of operation of the smartphone without the use of third-party applications. After its activation, the user has access only to the standard programs. This makes it possible to detect without much effort the utility that contributes to the deterioration of the gadget.

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Safe Mode does not search for a particular program that is damaging your device. It only helps the user to understand whether it is a standard software or a third-party one that is causing the damage.

Working with safe mode on Vivo

Switching to Safe Mode is not particularly difficult. But experts do not recommend using their own methods to activate it. Entering and exiting the mode is done in a matter of seconds, however, even in these processes there can be obscure moments.

Therefore, all work with it, especially for the first time, should be done according to the instructions. It includes only three basic steps. And if you do all the actions described correctly, no adverse effects are out of the question.

Turning on the function

Safe mode on your Vivo phone

Before you start identifying errors and fixing them, you need to enable Safe Mode. This can be done in one of the following ways:

  1. Press the power button, long press the shutdown key, confirm the transition to safe mode with the "OK" button.
  2. Turn off the smartphone, then turn it on in normal mode by simultaneously pressing one of the key combinations (both volume buttons / power button until the logo appears at the bottom of the screen and volume down after it is displayed / simultaneously power and volume down / menu key, if present / volume down after the OS logo appears).

Successful transition to Safe Mode will be indicated by a watermark at the bottom of the screen, and the icons of inaccessible applications will become grayed out.

Identification of problem points

Immediately after switching to Safe Mode, you can begin to identify problems. For example, if the device works steadily and errors disappear by themselves, it means that the cause lies in in third-party software. It is recommended that you uninstall recently downloaded programs to fix the problem.

Particular attention should be paid to applications downloaded not from official stores, because they pose the greatest threat to the gadget - they should be removed in the first place.

If the device fails to work even in safe mode, you should look for the cause in standard utilities or "hardware". In the first case, it is recommended to check each program, scanning it with antivirus and trying out all the functions. And if the reason for the malfunction of the gadget lurks in the "hardware", it is worth remembering about the presence of mechanical damage to the "guts" of the smartphone and seek help from the service center.

Exit mode

After you have done this, you need to return to the normal operating mode of the smartphone. This is necessary not only to start using third-party software, but also to make sure that the problems are corrected.

Speaking about how to disable the safe mode on the Vivo phone, it is worth noting that here you do not have to perform unnecessary actions. To return to the normal state of the smartphone you need to reboot it in the usual way. Safe Mode in this case is turned off automatically.

Solutions to popular problems

The safe mode on your Vivo device itself is capable of causing trouble, but their significance is small, and their elimination will not take more than five minutes. First of all, let's look at the problem with disappearance of widgets on the work screen after returning to the normal state of the smartphone. This situation occurs frequently, especially on older Vivo models, and is solved by re-adding the necessary items to the desktop. Widgets can by no means be completely removed from the gadget, as Safe Mode does not interact with them in any way.

There is also a more serious problem. inability to automatically exit safe mode after rebooting. In this case, it will be possible to return to the usual operation of the device by other means:

  • remove the battery and then put it back in;
  • fully discharge the battery until the automatic shutdown, then put the gadget on charge and turn it on;
  • perform a reset (this will be the most extreme method, and it is advisable to resort to it only if the smartphone flatly refuses to work properly).

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Can I uninstall apps in safe mode?
Yes. Although no additional programs will run in Safe Mode, you can still remove them. In particular, in this mode you will be able to remove utilities that cannot be removed from the gadget memory during normal operation due to errors.
How dangerous are frequent Safe Mode transitions?
There is absolutely no danger in this mode. It does not compromise the operating system of the gadget. However, it is important to exit Safe Mode correctly so that you don't have to reset or reflash the device in the future.
How do I activate Safe Mode if the physical buttons are out of order?
In this case, third-party applications can help. The most common and effective is Power Manager. This utility is available only if you have root rights, and you can download it only from third-party resources, as it has been removed from the official application stores. Power Manager allows you not only to switch to Safe Mode, but also skillfully manage the shutdown and reboot of the smartphone, especially if there are any problems in the system. You can also use the Reboot Options program, but here, too, you can't do without superuser rights.

Running your Vivo smartphone in Safe Mode helps to solve a lot of problems of different complexity, as well as to prevent their occurrence in the future. To use Safe Mode you do not need to have special skills or have a specific model of gadget. All this is done manually by the user, using standard means. And to succeed in this case is extremely easy, saving money and time on visiting the service center or contacting the technical support.

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